Tobacco wraps are flavored wrappers for tobacco that are perfect for rolling your own cigar or herbal cigarette. 

The best part about these products is that they're flavored with a "triple dip" system that gives your cigar a perfect flavor every time.    We carry the best brands of wraps available today including the big names like Juicy Jay's, Kingpin, and Cyclones.   When it comes to wraps one of the most important aspects is slow burning and smooth flavor.  All of our wraps have these characteristics.   If you're smoking Juicy Jay's you will find that the wraps come in a resealable package and are easy to use.   They also have a ridge cut feature that makes them stick together better than other brands of wraps. Sometimes these are also called "Blunt Wraps" by hipsters, but that doesn't accurately describe the products we carry.

One great reason to use a wrap is because it will be the best cigar you've ever smoked.  Why?  Well, because you've picked the filler, you've picked the flavor, and you've picked the wrapper.  It's a custom cigar made just for you! This cigar is custom tailored to your individual palate. Commercial cigars make it a selling point that each one has a consistent taste. The same brand and size will smoke and taste the exact same. This can get very boring for an adult smoker who has an always changing palette and tastes! Also, compared to a regular cigar, a premium cigar wrap will save you about 75% on cost - that's a great reason to roll your own cigar with our product!  Get the wrap here and find the perfect filler elsewhere!

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