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Keep Your Tobacco FreshBuying rolling tobacco and rolling papers is a good way to save money even while manufactured cigarettes soar in price. One problem you might face, though, is how to keep the tobacco fresh. If you buy tobacco in small amounts — such as the rolling tobacco available in pouches at many convenience stores, each of which is good for about twenty cigarettes — you'll end up paying a fair amount of money. Not as much as you would pay for factory-made cigarettes, so you'll still save money, but not as much as you might save.

Financially speaking, it's better to buy tobacco in larger amounts, whether in 200-cigarette tins or by the ounce in a tobacco store. The problem with this, though, is that even if the container is well-sealed, the tobacco will tend to dry out well before you are finished making cigarettes out of it. As anyone who's tried it can tell you, dry tobacco isn't much fun to smoke: it tastes bad, and it burns quickly and unevenly. To solve this problem, you'll have to find alternative methods for keeping your tobacco fresh.

To stop the problem before it starts, when you first buy the tobacco, separate it into smaller amounts (maybe enough for ten cigarettes) and put it into ziploc bags or tupperware containers (or, for extra protection, put it into a ziploc bag and put the bag in a tupperware container). These containers can be kept in the refrigerator or, for longer-term storage, you can keep your tobacco fresh in the freezer. While you may want to consider getting a humidor to keep your tobacco fresh, this works better for cigars than it does for cigarette tobacco. A humidor will keep cigarette tobacco fresh, but it will also make it soggy, and soggy tobacco is at least as bad as dry tobacco.

If your tobacco has already dried out, there's still a way to fix it. Take an apple peel (or, for larger amounts of tobacco, an apple slice) and put it in with your tobacco, in a sealed container, for a few hours. For small amount of tobacco, putting a single apple peel for about three hours should do the trick. Make sure to take the apple out before too long, or else it'll start to rot. The solution isn't perfect, because of course then your tobacco will have a bit of an apple taste, but this might be a good thing. Feel free to experiment with the peels of other fruits, such as oranges.

Keep Your Tobacco Fresh With...

Zeppelin Blimpifier

Zeppelin Blimpifiers

We also offer several tobacco and herbal humidification devices called blimpifiers on our website that might help you with keeping your tobacco moist at all times. These are perfect for throwing in a ziplock bag with your tobacco to make sure it is moist and fresh every time!


CVault Containers

CVault Containers

These are awesome for keeping tobacco fresh because they seal well and also have a Boveda 62% humidity pouch that keeps tobacco at a perfect humidity. Cvaults will help you with keeping your tobacco moist.


Raw Hydrostone

RAW Hydrostone

The Raw Hydrostone is a beautifully-simple, all-natural way to keep your tobacco fresh. Just soak the reusable stone in water for five minutes!