Keeping Tobacco Fresh in the Freezer

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A while back, we gave you tips on keeping your rolling tobacco fresh. Then we found out how many people had questions about or already practice keeping their tobacco in the fridge or freezer.

So, let's dispel some myths associated with cold-storing your smokes.

Many people think refrigerators suck all the moisture out of cigars and tobacco. Mold needs moisture to grow, and mold is able to grow in the refrigerator! The cool temperature of the refrigerator will delay the onset of mold, but it will not inhibit it completely. The freezer is a good place to store rarely smoked or bulk tobacco for the simple fact that it's difficult for mold to grow at freezing temperatures.

Many smokers want to extend the life of their long term supply by storing it in the freezer, while keeping small amounts handy in the refrigerator to avoid the time spent defrosting. Losing moisture and freshness just doesn't have to be so. The arid terrain of refrigerators can also be combatted by using a vacuum sealer or a combination of airtight containers and moisture devices.

Now, loose tobacco will stay fresh in its factory pouch for the better part of a year. A lot of people buy in bulk for the savings. So, if you think it will take you longer than six months to go through it, freezer storage may be right for you.

All you have to do is grab your vacuum sealer and special vacuum bags or an airtight container. We recommend CannaFresh jars, but tupperware with a tight seal works, as does canning jars with or without the hinged lid. You can keep your tobacco or legal smoking herbs in their pouch inside the sealed vacuum bags or stash container. Before sealing it up, be sure to have your moisture devices properly prepared and saturated and don't forget to throw them in!

What we don't recommend you do is use fruit or vegetables for prolonged periods (a half day or more) to add moisture, unless you want to flavor your tobacco. It's also not a good idea to add a moisture device if you're freezing, as the water inside it will just freeze as well doing you little good.

Be sure to leave ample prep time to defrost frozen tobacco before smoking. Simply remove your pack of rolling tobacco and set on the counter until it's at the appropriate temperature for you. If you miscalculated the moisture level when the tobacco was sealed, not to worry. If it's too moist, you can monitor your stash closely and let the tobacco leaves air out. (Careful not to let it get too stale.) If it's too dry, just add a blimpifier and still closely monitor.

If you have any tips that you've tried, please tell us what did and didn't work in the comments below!