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1 1/4 Rolling Paper Sampler


Model :  114-SAMPLER

Brand:  Rolling Paper Depot

Availability:   In Stock


About 1 1/4 Rolling Paper Sampler

1 1/4 Rolling Paper Sampler is comprised of the best selling rolling papers that are sized at 1 1/4. Many smokers use only one size paper and stick to it. We created an incredibly inexpensive sampler so you can try the best products, find your favorite, and order in bulk! When you order in bulk you save money! These papers are either hemp or rice and are all very slow and even burning.

1 x Elements Ultra Thin - 1 1/4

1 x Hempire 1 1/4

1 x Pure Hemp 1 1/4

1 x Smoking 1 1/4

1 x Raw Natural Unrefined 1 1/4

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