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Blueberry Sampler



Brand:  Kingpin

Availability:   In Stock


About Blueberry Sampler

The Blueberry Sampler is a mix of the top blueberry flavored wraps, papers, and cones. On the hemp wraps, you have King Pins Blueberry Hemp Wraps that are manufactured using pure hemp, and they also have a fold in just the right spot for easy rolling. For the Blueberry cones, you got Cyclone's Clear, and these are neat the cone is translucent with a flavored tip. And Juicy Jay's Blueberry Jones cones with their decorative paper with little berries printed on the papers, these cone also have a reusable wooden tip. With the 1 1/4 papers you get Blueberry Skunk, Juicy Jay's Blueberry, and the Juicy Blueberry Hill Superfine papers all the Juicy papers and cones are triple dipped for maximum blueberry flavor