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Clipper Lighter 3 Tier Display Pack



Brand:  Clipper

Availability:   In Stock


About Clipper Lighter 3 Tier Display Pack

Since 1959 Clipper lighters have been made in Barcelona, Spain, and have long been one of Europe's favorite brand of lighters. They feature a removable flint housing, which can be used to poke hand rolled cigarettes to compress the contents inside. Clipper lighters have become collectors items, they frequently introduce new designs and discontinue others. If you don't buy now, they may not be available later!

This display comes with three tiers. Each tier on the display comes with a different 48 count variety pack. The top is atari, the middle is characters, and the bottom is funny sayings. Each variety pack comes with four different kinds of designs.

A total of 144 Clipper lighters are included.