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We get phone calls and e-mails all the time about the coolest smoking accessories on our website.  We thought that since so many people like the neat accessories we have, we would put it all in one place and let you shop until you drop!  Rolling Paper Depot is your source for the neatest, newest, coolest, and best roll-your-own accessories and supplies.  If you run across a really neat product that we need to add to this section, let us know.  This stuff is for the smoking conoisseurs and nerds.  

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The Bakers ‘Lil’ Pick-N-Blade is perfectly designed to use with your waxes and concentrates. With..
The Bakers ‘Lil’ Poke-N-Tamp is a great little tool for all your wax and concentrate needs. With ..
The Bakers Wax Tool Kit is perfect for anyone just starting out with wax. Each kit comes with thr..
The Blazer Pocket Torch can be used for lots of things, especially pipes, cigars, and cigarettes,..
The Bolt Safe is an ingenious way to stash your stuff! With the weight of a real piece of hardwar..
Like variety? Try the six flavor Brown Sugar Flavor Drop Sampler pack. Brown Sugar Drops enhance ..
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Buddies Butt Bucket 2 is a must have if you want to keep your home or car odor free. The bucket i..
The Buddies Super Slick Ball is made with high, food-grade silicone, so no matter what you put in..
The Buddies Super Slick Hexagon is made of the highest quality, 100% food-grade silicone. It's ma..
The Buddies Super Slick Large Cylinder is made out of 100% of the highest quality food-grade sili..
These Buddies Super Slick Mini Cylinders, like their Super Slick big brothers are shatterproof, w..
The Buddies Super Slick Small Ball is made using food-grade silicone. It's designed to be shatter..
The Buddy Slick Butterfly container is "slick" way to store your herbal extracts, tobacco, or leg..
The Buddies Slick Compact is made of the highest quality, 100% food-grade silicone. It's made to ..
The Buddy Slick Pill Case is great way to store your herbal extracts, tobacco, or legal herbs. Wi..
Who let the dogs out? We did!   Introducing the The Bulldog Clipper Bundle. &nbs..
CannaFresh P-Series Extra Small 4 oz jars are perfect for keeping any of your herbs or tobacco fr..
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The Car Cigarette Lighter Safe will keep your stashables safe and close. Looking like a normal ci..
Celebration Pipes were first created on Laie Point in Oahu. They made their way around the island..
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The Clipper Electric Eco-Lighter is an eco-friendly lighter with a heating element instead o..
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Clipper lighters are the best disposabe lighters on the planet!  The lighters can be refille..
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The Clipper's latest innovation, the Metal Jet Electronic Lighter is a wind-resistant t..
Rolling Paper Depot is honored to introduce you to the Clipper Pinups Rolling Paper Bundle! ..
Each of these Clipper Lighter 4 count RANDOM packs comes with four different lighters. Which ligh..
The Clipper Solid Hemp bundle features:   8 Solid color Clipper lighters. 2 Smok..
Fun for the whole smoking circle! The Cone Artist is a rolling contraption invented in Sweden..
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The Controlla Clip is every serious gamer's add on. The Controlla Clip plugs directly into your c..
The Cookies Hydrostone was developed to keep your tobaacco and herbs fresh. The Cookies Hydroston..
The Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 with a removable, smaller tray is great for rolling at home or o..
The Cookies Silicone Container is waterproof, shatterproof, and airtight; perfect for dabbing and..
This is your chance to get a smoking deal on the best RPD has to offer at a huge discount.  ..
Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips are created to provide smokers and RYO enthusiasts a new and mor..
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The debowler is a plastic ashtray with a built-in spike in the middle that allows you to easily r..
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