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Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Pimperschnapps 2X



Brand:  Cyclones

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About Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Pimperschnapps 2X


These Clear Cyclones are the newest addition to Cyclones cigar wrap line of flavored cones. Made using natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these cones are completely transparent. Don’t confuse these with rolling papers or cigarette tubes, these provide a smoking experience more like smoking a pipe. With their much slower and even burn, these make the perfect cigar tubes for your favorite cigar tobacco or legal herbs. 

Like other Cyclones, these use Cyclones Triple-Dip flavor system to ensure you get the most mouth-watering flavor. The unique flavor of Pimperschnapps can only be described as a peach flavored with mint.

These Cyclones include printed tips that you can see through the clear cone. Do not use these flavored cones with cigarette tobacco, they burn far too slow.


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