The DLX brand is a premium line of rolling papers that are designed to accompany the smoker's premium tobaccos.

DLX is the first brand designed to exceed the expectations of the modern smoker.  They realized that over time, growing methods and technology had greatly improved for tobacco and herbal supplements, and a new type of rolling paper was called for. Enter DLX, deluxe rolling papers. These amazingly thin papers feature a criss-cross watermark that prevents runs. They burn extremely slow, which was the intention with these modern rolling papers.

Older brands feature paper that burns too quickly for modern-grown plants. That's why you should try these deluxe rolling papers by DLX today!


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Tobacco quality has increased in the past decade. DLX was created to match this increase in tobac..
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DLX was created to complement advances in tobacco quality. Applying new technology to rolling pap..
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These DLX rolling machines are made out of polished chrome metal. Besides looking awesome, these ..
These nifty DLX rolling machines have a very nice looking body made out of polished chrome metal,..
The DLX Rolling Tips are affordable and quality tips that are perfect to use in your new smokes. ..
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