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Doob Tubes – Arizona Prop. 203


Model :  DoobTubePROP203

Brand:  Doob Tubes

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About Doob Tubes – Arizona Prop. 203

If you're looking for a neat way to carry around your doobs, the Doob Tube is the way to go.  It is air tight, odor-free, and water resistant.  If you're carrying your doobs from place to place its nice to have something to carry them in - like a Doob Tube.   Doob Tubes aren't flashy or spectacular - they're functional!  Most of our friends have 2 Doob Tubes at all times.   These tubes are made of plastic and have a rubber top.  This seals in odor and prevents lint, water, or anything else you have in your pockets from getting in.   They're perfect for traveling.   Pick up a few Doob tubes today and you'll see what all the rage is about.

These Doob Tubes feature Arizona's Prop. 203.

“Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

Proposition 203

Use only as directed by a physician”

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