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Elements 1 1/4 Super Sampler



Brand:  Elements

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About Elements 1 1/4 Super Sampler

Elements 1 1/4 Super Sampler has it all. If you need new gear, we have got it right here. Elements 114 papers are made using high-quality rice paper they burn clean and smooth, seriously these papers burn ash free. You now have the option to get this awesome bundle with Elements 1 1/4 Reds that have been made using pure hemp that also burns nice and clean.  For the essentials You will get two of Elements Pre- Rolled tips, 79mm Rolling Machine, and Elements two piece Grinder. It's your choice of the 62mm or the 56mm. With fire in mind Elements matches, a Clipper lighter, and a Magnifying Card that also works as a scoop card. Now for the extras, a Metal Paper Case to keep your papers from getting squished, and Elements small rolling tray. Having a tray makes all the difference to help you keep rolling. So don't hesitate on such a good bundle.