JWare King Sized Pre-Rolled Cones - 2000 Ct

Comes with JWare FILLER at 1/2 Price!

Cones are must when it comes to dispensaries.  Every dispensary uses cones for quick rolling and the JWare cones were made speciically for dispensary needs.   They're a value like no other cone on the market and this special gives you a fast way to fill your cones with a great value on the product!

When you purchase this pack of two, 1000 count king sized cones from JWare, we will automatically throw in a JWare easy filling system in for 1/2 Price! The filling system can pack up to 34 JWare king-sized cones in under 5 minutes. Don't pass up this offer!  The JWare Easy Filling box has a $65 value and makes it extremely easy to pack the super-size cones.  This is a must for any dispensary that uses cones for their herbs.

Brand: JWare
Product Code: JWARE-KING-2000
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $180.00

Product Specs:

  • Qty in Box: 2000
  • Size: King

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