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JWare Pre-Rolled King Size Cones (12 Count)



Brand:  JWare

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About JWare Pre-Rolled King Size Cones (12 Count)

The JWare Pre-Rolled King Size Cones come in a beautifully designed box of 12 pre-rolled, ultra-thin smoking cones. They have a filter built in and come with a packing stick. All you have to do is grind your tobacco or herbs and stuff it in! These are high quality cones, some of the best available on the market! We offer these in full boxes (50 packs of 12 pre-rolled cones), half boxes (25 packs) or single packs of 12 cones.   Full box: 600 pre-rolled cones Half box: 300 pre-rolled cones Single pack: 12 pre-rolled cones