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Kingpin Cigar Glue - Peach



Brand:  Kingpin

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About Kingpin Cigar Glue - Peach

Kingpin cigar glue is ready to be used with your cigar or wrap. Featuring a two-sided dispenser, the bottom side has a wide brush tip designed for large wraps and cigars, while the top side has a skinny tip designed for small wraps and cigarillos. Choose the tip that suits your needs, no more need to waste time using a small tip on a big wrap, or using a big and messy tip on a smaller wrap.

This Kingpin glue is a luscious peach flavor and will leave you wanting more.

*** Unfortunately Kingpin Cigar Glue has been discontinued. As a substitute you can try our Juicy Rolling Glue that comes in either single bottles or in a display of 200.