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Posted by in Latest News on May 17, 2013.

In short, -- the answer is no. And that's a good thing as hemp papers are intended for use with legal smoking herbs and tobacco! Now let’s break it down to understand why. First, what is hemp?

Hemp is a very versatile plant grown from seed. It is derived from the cannabis species. The difference is the THC (psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) level. Hemp contains less than 1%, while marijuana can range from 5-25%. But why? The marijuana plant produces buds that house resin glands. The resin glands form most of the THC within the plant. The hemp plant is not designed to form the buds, therefore has a dramatically lower THC...

Posted by in Latest News on Oct 01, 2012.

We get several emails every week asking about using PayPal as a payment options on

The History

The Depot is about two years old. When we first started, of course we wanted to take PayPal to make it easy for all of our fellow smokers! We believe in the roll-your-own movement and being able to efficiently and cheaply get better smoking supplies out to everyone who enjoys the hobby.

About two weeks after making PayPal a viable payment method at checkout, we received a phone call. PayPal accused us of dealing illicit drugs over the internet and that we would need to take any mention of their service down...

We here at Rolling Paper Depot are always adding new products for our beloved roll your own (RYO) community. Because we're the internet leader in smoking accessories, we've partnered up with Ray Chico of Doob Tubes to bring this handy little device to Arizona!

The world famous Doob Tube is the airtight, waterproof, single-dose medication containers. As of 2012, all Doob Tube is proud to announce that all products are 100% Made In The USA!

Both Rolling Paper Depot and Doob Tubes operate with the same philosophy: to make the best smoking products available to the world at the best price. Now we get to work with the legendary Ray 

Posted by in Latest News on Apr 18, 2012.

Does Rolling Paper Depot Ship Discreetly?   

We get dozens of emails every month from customers who are making sure Rolling Paper Depot offers discreet shipping.

The answer is always: YES!

No matter what and when you order from us, you can be assured that the postman won't look at you suspiciously as he's delivering your rolling papers. Your grandmother won't suspect that you're a fan of "the pot". And you won't get a lecture from your significant other about your New Year's Resolution to quit smoking. All shipments coming from Rolling Paper Depot proudly display only "RPDepot" (or "", in some cases) as the return...

Posted by in Latest News on Mar 28, 2012.

Get a FREE Sample of Your Favorite Rolling Paper!

We want your reviews on our rolling paper products.  Real customer reviews are valuable to us and to new customers.  These reviews help us determine what kinds of products our customers like the most and also help other customers decide which products are the most suitable for their smoking needs.  The more reviews we get the better we can determine what new products to carry. 

Rolling Paper Depot wants to hear from YOU. We're offering 3 free packs of rolling papers to those customers that leave a review of their favorite papers.  

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create an...

Posted by in Latest News on Mar 23, 2012.

A few months ago, we sent out a survey in an effort to gain an insight into the minds of our customers. We received some terrific responses! And now we're putting those ideas to work. Our goal is to design the ultimate web shopping experience while bringing the Roll Your Own community together.

The new Rolling Paper Depot is set to launch the week of March 19th. Over the next several weeks, you'll see even more positive changes. Keep checking back for updates.

As soon as you point your browser to, you'll instantly notice our beautiful new, modern design. You'll be able to easily find the goods you're...

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