Phoenician Large 4 Piece Elite Series Grinders

The Phoenician Large 4 Piece Elite Series Grinders are 4 piece grinders and sourced from 304 Stainless steel, 6061 Aerospace Aluminum, and Type II Titanium, this means that these grinders could possibly outlast the life of the user! These grinders come with patent pending “Fast Lock System” which is a no threads system, and Diametric Teeth. They also feature an exterior lobe gripping design for a no-slip grip no matter how you hold it. Plus, the lid is fashioned with a built in ashtray and rolling paper holder for an all-in-one carrying solution. Choose from 24k Gold, Silver, or Copper plating.

Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty through the manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona, but you will need to register your grinder to be eligible for the warranty. These grinders are "elite" because they feature gold, silver, or copper plating. 

Brand: Phoenician Engineering
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Price: $595.00

Product Specs:

  • Size: 3.225" diameter, 2.225" in height, 9.0 oz in weight

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