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Pop Jamaica Rubber Case Clipper Lighter



Brand:  Clipper

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About Pop Jamaica Rubber Case Clipper Lighter

If you love Jamaica or the Rastafarian culture, these delightfully unique and fun clippers will become your new best friend as a smoking companion! Offering you a handsewn rubber casing around your clipper, these lighters have a wide array of designs and make the perfect accessory to make any of your smoking friends jealous.These clippers are completely unique and give you a better grip to easily become your new favorite lighter to have on hand. These clippers are sure to make a statement, but even better is that they are a more durable solution than standard lighters. Featuring a packing tool, replaceable flints, and easily being refillable, these lighters are the higher-tier lighter you need on hand.
You will receive randomly selected clipper designs from the ones shown.