Pre-Rolled Cones

We carry a large variety of name-brand, pre-rolled cone rolling papers that are perfect for anyone that smokes a lot of cigarettes and doesn't want to roll papers. Why bother with rolling a sloppy hand rolled cigarette when you can just simpy grind and pack a perfectly rolled cone cigarette in seconds. It's quick, simple and effective! You won't go back to ordinary rolling papers again, because our supply of pre-rolled cones are among some of the highest quality on the market.  Some of the best brands of cones we carry are Raw, J-Ware, and Cones brand. 

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The Cyclones Sage Mean Green Herbal Cone is made from natural herbs and contains NO tobacco. Thes..
Primal Herbal Cones are non-tobacco and nicotine-free, artisan cones made through a proprietary p..
Raw Natural 98mm/20mm Cones - Also known as "The 98 Special".  These cones are designed to b..
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These RAW Lean pre-rolled cones are 109mm with a 40mm tip. These pre-rolled cigarette cones are m..
Shine 24k Gold King Size Cones are the ultimate in pre-rolled cones. Made from handcrafted, 24k e..
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