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ProScale Ashtray Digital Scale



Brand:  ProScale

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About ProScale Ashtray Digital Scale

The ProScale Ashtray Digital Scale is a multi-use digital scale that can also be used as an ash tray. The top cover can be removed and washed after using it as an ash tray, so your scale stays clean! Featuring a 550g capacity and a tenth of a gram accuracy (0.1g), the ProScale Ashtray Digital Scale is available in Chrome or Brown Sugar colors. A 5 year warranty covers this scale, so you can enjoy many years of use!   Precision:  .1g Capacity:  550g Modes:  g, oz, dwt, ozt Power Options:  AAA Battery Colors Available:  Chrome, Brown Sugar Weighting Platform Size:  4.25in x 2.75in Included Accessories:  batteries, removable cover/tray Warranty:  5 years  

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