Protopipe Deluxe Pipe

The Protopipe Deluxe pipe is discontinued from online sales due to issues with knock-offs.  Unfortunately, it will not be coming back. 

A true classic in the smoking realm, the Protopipe was first introduced in the 1980's, quickly gaining a cult following among those who were in the know. Made out of fine brass and featuring a patented design, the Protopipe is one of the best pipes available. Thanks to the intelligent engineering by the designers, the Protopipe easily comes apart, letting you clean the entire pipe without hassle, and without missing any spots.

We heartily recommend the Protopipe for travel use; it comes with almost every part you need to enjoy a smoke -- even a grinder tip! Don't risk breaking a glass pipe when you're away from home. The Protopipe is the ultimate portable pipe; it's nearly indestructible and will satisfy your smoking desires.

Rolling Paper Depot only carries the authentic Protopipe, straight from Willits, California. We do not sell copies made in China.

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