The Raw Black Pack

Always Roll On Black! 
The RAW Black Pack is the perfect bundle for all you Master Rollers out there!
The RAW Black Pack includes: 
Your choice of 3 Packs of RAW Black Papers 1 1/4 or King Size Slim.
3 Packs of Raw Pre-Rolled Tips
1 RAW 79mm Roller or 1 RAW 110mm Roller for King Size Slim Selection
1 RAW Clipper Lighter
1 RPD Doob Tube
1 RPD Rolling Tray
RAW Black papers are double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling papers ever made. The thinness of these RAW Black papers requires the deft hands of a true Rolling Master.
********Note Doob Tube color may vary from image pictured********
Brand: Raw
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