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RAW Flying Disk Bundle



Brand:  Raw

Availability:   In Stock


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About RAW Flying Disk Bundle

RAW Fly Disk Bundle is the s**t! You need this for a day at the park, beach or an epic camping trip. We have provided you with the supplies you need to get your friends out of their mom's basements and outside to toss around this awesome flying disk. With this bundle you can flip over your RAW Flying Disk and *BAM* you have a RAW Rolling Tray, we will drop in your choice of two packs of unbleached Raw King Size Supreme  with a Raw 110mm roller, or two packs of RAW 1 1/4 natural unrefined rolling papers with a RAW 79 Roller Regardless what size papers you pick you will also get a RAW Clipper lighter that has a built in poker and two boxes of RAW Pre-rolled tips to make rolling nice and easy. Best if share with your friends.