RAW 20 Stage Rawket Launcher

The RAW 20 Stage Rawket Launcher is a 20 pack of assorted pre-rolled cones in 7 different sizes. Designed Specifically with NY in mind due to the "big cigar guys" trying to legislate RAW Cones out of the NY market. Get the Raw Rawket Launcher today and support your favorite RYO brand.
The cones come in 7 different sizes:
2x RAW Cone Supernatural
2x RAW Cone Emperador
2x RAW Cone Peacemaker
2x RAW Cone 98 Special
4x RAW Cone Kingsize
6x RAW Cone 1 1/4 Size
2x RAW Cone Lean
Brand: Raw
Availability: In Stock
Price: $15.00

Product Specs:

  • Qty in Box: 8 Packs
  • Qty in Pack: 20 Cones, 7 Various Sizes

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