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Raw 1 1/4 Pack Light Kit



Brand:  Raw

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About Raw 1 1/4 Pack Light Kit

The Raw 1 1/4 Pack Light Kit is perfect for the minimalist smokers among you. This kit contains the essentials, two packs of Raw 1 1/4 natural unrefined rolling papers, a Raw Clipper Lighter, and a 79mm 2-way Adjustable Roller. Just because we love you guys and gals we made this one special by pairing those essentials with a Bad A$$ Raw Mini Tray, two packs of Raw Pre-Rolled Tips, and a plastic squeeze top Mini Container. Sheesh! That is a beautiful little Kit. The hardest part will be picking what type of Raw 1 1/4 rolling papers you want. 

So what is it going to be? Raw 1 1/4 Organic rolling papers? Raw 1 1/4 Black which is the thinnest Raw papers out there. Or are you the Classic type just looking for the Raw 1 1/4 natural