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Raw Guy Clipper Lighters (Mini Josh)



Brand:  Raw

Availability:   In Stock


About Raw Guy Clipper Lighters (Mini Josh)

The Raw Guy (Mini Josh) Clipper Lighters come in packs of 4 and feature Josh from Raw and a clipper mini Raw lighter.  The mini Raw lighter is refillable with Clipper Butane.  You can also replace the flints on these lighters.  These make great collector's items.  

The rules for using this lighter are as follows:

  • I will not use mini Josh to light any Camels, Marlboros, or machine made cigarettes.
  • I will not take mini Josh golfing. Golfing!? C'mon, man!
  • I will take pictures of mini Josh at clubs, bars, & concerts and tag them with #rawlife and #minijosh
  • Before bed i will tell mini Josh my hopes, dreams, and fears. Mini Josh is a great listener and grants wishes.
  • I understand that much like the benevolent Buddha, rubbing mini Josh's tummy is good luck. Rubbing real josh's tummy is not.
  • I understand that mini Josh conveniently fits in any purse or pocket. Trying to fit real Josh in your purse or pocket will get you arrested.
  • I understand that mini josh emits a clean-burning flame. Real Josh emits magic and rainbows
  • I understand that taking mini Josh camping is awesome. taking real Josh camping is kidnapping
  • I understand that mini Josh lights RAWs, Candles, fireworks, and incense. Real Josh lights up.
  • I understand that mini Josh is made of metal and very durable. Go ahead, throw him around! he can take it. throwing real josh around is assault.
  • I understand that mini Josh is available in 2 colors. Real josh is available in 1 color.
  • I understand that mini Josh is made by Clipper! real Josh is made by Zeus!
  • I understand that mini Josh can be refilled by flipping him upside-down and pressing a clipper butane tip into the hole in his bottom. DO NOT TRY THIS WITH REAL JOSH.