Someone stole your lighter, bro. Get a Clipper!

RAW Sampler



Brand:  Raw

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About RAW Sampler

This RAW Sampler features nine amazing items from the RAW line and is a great way to sample some of our most popular RAW products. There are so many amazing RAW products to choose from, we hope this will help you find some favorites that you'll keep going back to time and time again. Paper features Rolling Supreme’s patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines, to keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time.  The RAW Sampler contains one of each of the following: RAW Rolling Mat RAW Tray (small) RAW Clipper Lighter RAW Scoop Card RAW Grinder Card RAW Natural Unrefined 1 1/4 RAW Organic  1 1/4 RAW Organic Connoisseur 1 1/4 with Tips RAW Perforated Hemp Tips Though it is rare, we occasionally run out of some of our more popular products. In the event that this happens, we will substitute any missing items with those we have in stock.    

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