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Raw Santa Cruz 4 PC Shredder


Model :  RAWSCS4PC

Brand:  Raw

Availability:   Out of Stock

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About Raw Santa Cruz 4 PC Shredder

RAW is at it again! RAW has come together with Santa Cruz Grinders to create a remarkable collaboration, you're going to want to add to your #RAWlife collection. Santa Cruz Shredder is an advanced engineering company specializing in products proudly made in the USA. They proudly innovate, design and manufacture high-precision, remarkable quality and smooth functioning grinders. The Santa Cruz Shredder tooth design is the most advanced in the industry featuring the only serrated tooth design in the marketplace. This shredders features are truly ground breaking to the industry of grinding. Check it out!

Revolutionary New Tooth Design: 
-Innovative inverted rectangular tooth design with serrated edge. 
-Cuts like butter, fluffs to perfection.
Truly Scatch Resistant: 
-No more scratches, fingerprints or cross- threading problems.
-Aerospace anodized protective coating.
Superior Screens: 
-Precision woven, non-fraying stainless steel screens. 
-The Highest quality mesh avaible and drum-skin tight.