Rizla is the world's number one selling brand of rolling papers and is available in more than 120 countries around the world.

Rizla rolling papers and tubes are available in many thicknesses and sizes. You can identify these by the color of the packaging. The different thickness level of the paper determines the rate at which the cigarette will bun. A thicker cigarette will result in more paper burning, thus a faster bun. The thickest of the Rizla+ brand is in the red packaging. Silver Rizla+ is the slowest burning of the Rizla brand because it uses an ultra-thin paper.

This company has a very rich history and continues to strive for perfection in its rolling papers. Pick up a pack of these today and see for yourself!


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These Rizla Blue King Size rolling papers are made from thin paper that burns very slow and has o..
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In 1532 the Frenchman Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix started up the Rizzla company. Over..
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Rizla Red Single Wide rolling papers have a medium weight, an even burn, and leave only a little ..
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This Rizla Shooter/Injector is made by the famous Rizla company, arguably the biggest rolling pap..
These are incredibly thin rolling papers with a medium to high flavor intensity! These are thinne..
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These are incredibly thin rolling papers! These are thinner then a piece of human HAIR! This incr..
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The Rizla tubes are the familiar 84mm length, but are slightly slimmer then other cigarette tubes..