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Rox Glass Diffusion Stones - Small



Brand:  Synche

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About Rox Glass Diffusion Stones - Small


Rox Glass Diffusion Stones take your current waterpipe to the next level by transforming your standard or diffused downstem pipe and allowing it to produce more than 10X the normal diffusion. In simpler terms, your hit will be incredibly more smooth!

Rox Diffusion Stones split your water-filtered smoke in to many tiny bubbles, allowing for it to cool and filter much more effectively. These stones are made with art glass, which is softer than the borosilicate glass used in pipes. They are non-toxic and odorless, so your smoke will not be negatively affected in any way. They will help keep your pieces clean by collecting particles that come in to the water, however they can easily be reused and washed with hot water.

Freeze the Diffusion Stones and put them in to your water pipe to create the coolest and most pleasurable smoke you've ever experienced. Unlike ice, these stones will not melt and raise your water levels. 

Try them out! The Small pack is plenty for a straight tube, however we recommend the Medium or Large packs for waterpipes with large beaker bottoms or round bases.