It only takes one S P A R K to light a F I R E.

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Skunk Glass Tip



Brand:  Skunk

Availability:   In Stock


About Skunk Glass Tip

We are excited to bring you this badass glass tip by Skunk Brand. The tip weighs just 4 grams and is 9mm wide and 31mm tall. It comes packed in an aluminum capsule with a keyring so you can store it away when you are not using it making it perfect for on the go. But let's be honest, this thing is so cool you probably won't stop using it. If that's the case go ahead and toss some ammo for your Red Ryder in that capsule. The glass tip also wears the branding and has two pinches in the glass to reduce the ash or materials from reaching your mouth while allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoke and reducing the harshness. This Skunk Glass Tip goes perfectly with our Skunk Hemp Wraps.

But wait, there is more, We have united these Glass Tips with the Skunk Hemp Wraps in this Awesome bundle just click here: Skunk Wraps 'n' Tip

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