Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag

The Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag is one of the toughest storage bags on the market.  With its UV blocking and puncture resistant material and water tight closure, your tobacco and an herbs will always be safe.  Designed to be the ultimate in odor and barrier protection, the Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag features extra wide triple pressed thick seal and a durable locking zipper that’s three times thicker and softer.

Brand: Skunk
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  • Qty in Box: Small: 12; Medium: 12; Large: 6; XL: 6
  • Size: Small: 4in x 3in; Medium: 6in x 4in; Large: 7.5in x 7in; XL: 8.5in x 10in

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