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Skunk Wraps 'n' Tip



Brand:  Skunk

Availability:   In Stock



About Skunk Wraps 'n' Tip

Skunk has hit a home run with their Hemp Wraps, so we are excited to unite those wraps with these excellent Skunk Glass Tips these are perfect for our wrap rollers out there at 9mm wide and 31mm tall. 

The Skunk Hemp Wrap is manufactured in Alcoy, Spain using pure hemp that helps give a nice slow burn. These wraps are perfect for the connoisseurs that are looking for a clean flavor free hemp wrap. Each wrap is folded in the ideal location for easy rolling, and they call it Perfect Fold for those of you that are not RYO(Roll Your Own) masters this little fold makes all the difference. If you are not a confident roller you can always use a Hemp Wrap rolling machine, we have many options for you to pick.

The Skunk Glass Tip is pretty badass and is the perfect accessory to accompany any of your smokes. The tip is a match made in heaven with these hemp wraps, the black glass also wears the branding and has two pinches in the glass to reduce the ash or materials from reaching your mouth while allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoke and reducing the harshness.