Smoking DeLuxe 300

Smoking DeLuxe 300

Smoking rolling papers has been around for decades for a reason. They make premium quality rolling papers that smoke better than any other. Try these Smoking DeLuxe natural rice rolling papers yourself and see what Smoking is all about.

These DeLuxe rolling papers are made in Spain out of natural rice paper and come pre-gummed with a natural sugar based gum line. Packaged in a stylish vintage looking leaf pack, which contains 300 papers. With 40 packs in each box, you get a total of 12,000 premium rolling papers.


Brand: Smoking
Product Code: SMKDEL300
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Price: $220.99

Product Specs:

  • Packs in Box: 40
  • Qty in Pack: 300
  • Size: 44mm x 79mm

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