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Tobacco Smokers Super Pack


Model :  RPDTobaccolSP

Brand:  Rolling Paper Depot

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About Tobacco Smokers Super Pack

The Tobacco Smoker's Super Pack is perfect for a RYO (Roll-Your-Own) enthusiest that is interested in having everything you might need to smoke hand-rolled cigarettes.  This pack is made for tobacco use and features several rolling papers that are the top sellers for us!   We've taken advice from customers in what they would really want in a one-stop super pack for smoking cigarettes and this is what they told us was the most important.   We're still taking customer advice, so if you have a great idea for a super pack we can put one together!   Just let us know!   Now - more about  this super pack! Each Tobacco Smoker's super-pack comes complete with the following: 1 x My Weigh Lighter Digital Scale. This scale is perfect for on-the-go with the added bonus of being discrete. 2 x Metal Rolling Paper Carrying Cases.  Keep your papers fresh and unbent. 1 x Small RAW Rolling Tray for rolling perfect cigarettes. 1 x Rolling Supreme Cigarette Case - Holds 20 full-sized cigarettes. 1 x Elements 79mm Rolling Machine (perfect for the 1 1/4" papers) 2 x RAW Organic 1 1/4 *Vegan* (64 papers total) 2 x DLX Premium 1 1/4 (64 Papers total) 2 x Zen 1 1/4 (100 Papers total!) 2 x Hempire Hemp 1 1/4 (64 Papers total) 2 x Elements Ultra Thin 1 1/4 (64 Papers total)   Though it is rare, we occasionally run out of some of our more popular products. In the event that this happens, we will substitute any missing items with those we have in stock.