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Urban Wraps Covert Kit



Brand:  Rolling Supreme

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About Urban Wraps Covert Kit

The Urban Wraps Covert Kit is your standard issue smoking kit for those of you that want to stay below the radar. These Urban Wraps are the perfect paper to keep your smoking discreet and covert. The Urban Wraps 1 1/2 papers hold 50% more material than a regular 1 1/4 paper. So you can roll these bad boys fat. These rolling papers are perfectly camouflaged to look like a standard cigarette, so we are throwing in some Elements Pre-Rolled Tips, and Elements 79mm Rolling machine to help you get that perfect rolled look. We also provide you with a hard plastic Flip-Top Cigarette case to store and protect your pre-rolled "cigarettes." Just in case you lost your last lighter at the last party you attended we include a Elements Clipper lighter. Try not to lose this one you can refill this clipper, and you also have a built-in poker.