Zen Effen - 1 1/4

Zen Effen is the newest line of papers from one of the most popular hemp rolling paper brands on the market. The Effen line is the thinnest hemp papers from Zen, packaged in the thinnest packs. Zen was one of the very first hemp rolling papers that was released on the market. Made of pure hemp and natural Arabic gum, Zen shocks and amazes smokers with its perfect burn time, smooth flavor, and resilient paper. 

Zen is truly the finest Asian style rolling paper ever made, and we invite you to try it.

Brand: Zen
Product Code: ZENEFFEN14
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Price: $26.99

Product Specs:

  • Packs in Box: 25 Packs
  • Qty in Pack: 50 Papers
  • Size: 1 1/4

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