Ashtrays are perfect gifts for your friends, family, or selves. We carry many premium ashtrays that will ensure that your smoking sessions stay contained and are easy to clean up. All of our ash trays are made of high quality material and can sustain high temperatures that are encountered during smoking. Whatever you may be looking for, we have it!

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  1. RAW Crystal Ashtray

    This premium ashtray from RAW is sure to make a statement when you set it out! Made of quality crystal glass, this lead free ashtray has a deep dish and gives you plenty of room for your smokes with the surrounding divets. The bottom underside of this ashtray features the RAW logo etched into the crystal and makes for perfect decor for the RAW collector or lover! Durable, heavy-duty, and high-quality, this ashtray is everything you could ask for in an ashtray.
  2. Raw Pocket Ashtray Raw Pocket Ashtray

    Raw Pocket Ashtray

    The name says it all! The Raw Pocket Ashtray is a nifty little ashtray from Raw that is small enough to go with you anywhere you need to be! The pouch itself is made with a paper-like material and is lined inside with foil. The whole thing is secured with a snap button, so everything stays neat and clean.

    Regular Price: $2.25

    Special Price $1.75

  3. Buddies Silver Spinner Ashtray

    Buddies Silver Spinner Ashtray

  4. Debowler Ashtray

    The debowler is a plastic ashtray with a built-in spike in the middle that allows you to easily remove the contents of your ashed pipes, bowls, cigarettes or cigars. Available in black, white, green, purple, red, blue, brown, yellow, clear, transparent green, transparent red, transparent blue and amber. Once you start using them, you will always be asking where your debowler is during a smoking session. It is a must have!

    **Colors generated and shipped at random.

  5. Japanese Smokeless Ashtray

    The Japanese Smokeless Ashtray will help remove unwanted smoke and odors from your room. Using a built-in fan and a carbon filtration system, it is able to consume large amounts of smoke, keeping the smoke and smell out of your environments air, off your furniture, clothes, and out of your face.

    Designed for easy disassembly to make installing batteries and cleaning quick and simple. Operates on two “C” batteries, not included.

  6. Butt Bucket

    The Butt Bucket is a great ashtray, and was designed from the ground up to meet the demands of smokers. Featuring an innovative design, the Butt Bucket holds several cigarettes at once, and can put out a cigarette in seconds. The unique lid ensures that odors and smoke stay inside the Butt Bucket, and out of the air.

    The full 12 pack is awesome for handing out individual Butt Buckets as gifts to fellow smokers!

  7. RAW Metal Ashtray

    These ashtrays are the perfect addition to any collection for the RAW enthusiast and collector! Featuring a high-quality and crisp print of the classic RAW branding, this ashtray will be a new best friend. Offering you 3 divets for your smokes, these ashtrays are also made of premium metal so they will remain durable. Even better, you can select the option to get yours with a magnetic backing so that you can stick the ashtray to any metal surface for a more convenient smoking experience!

  8. Elements Red Metal Ashtray

    With this Elements Red ashtray, all of your ashtray needs will be met with a stunning print on its metal surface! This metal ashtray is both durable and convenient to use as wvery ashtray offers 3 divets for your smokes. With this ashtray nearby, you will be sure to keep things neat and tidy while smoking. Even better, you can get an optional magnet for the back of this ashtray, making it stick to any metal surface for more stability!

  9. Elements Blue Metal Ashtray

    Featuring the classic Elements branding on the front, this metal ashtray is both durable and convenient to use. Every ashtray offers 3 divets for your smokes and will keep things neat and tidy for you. Even better, you can get an optional magnet for the back of this ashtray, making it stick to any metal surface for more stability!

  10. Kind Ash Cache

    The Kind Ash Cache from Herbal Innovation is a smart and stylish ash tray designed for use with your glassware (glass pipes, glass cones, etc.). The heat and wear resistant silicone provides the ideal surface to tap or bang your expensive glass pipe or slide against without breaking it and the palm-size stainless steel body is made to be spill-proof. All ashtrays include silicon insert, perfect for your pipes and lighters!

  11. Buddies Ashtray

    The Buddies ashtray is sleek and functional, with a modern chrome design and a removable insert for easier cleaning. The robust design and high quality materials create a product that will last for years.

  12. Windproof Ashtray

    Our WIndproof Ashtray is made of a fire-resistant plastic called bakellite and an aluminum insert, ensuring that your smokes never go out before you're ready for them to go out. The windproof design makes these perfect for outdoor use, such as on the patio or for an outdoor bar, and are stackable for easy storing.r

    *Colors are randomly selected*


  13. Ceramic Snuffers

    Snuff your cigarettes out in style with one of these Ceramic Snuffers. Ceramic is the material of choice as it's incredibly easy to clean, and can withstand very high temperatures without breaking. These ceramic snuffers are handmade in Phoenix, Arizona by a local artisan. Each snuffer is unique and may differ slightly from the example image.

    Each box of Ceramic Snuffers comes in an assorted variety of colors.

  14. RAW Ash Catcher

    This RAWesome accessory is the next level in ashtrays; introducing the Ash Catcher by RAW! Smoke your cones with the ash catcher conveniently underneath it and catch all your ash as it falls! The heat resistant nylon ash catcher collects any ash from your favorite legal smoking herb and keeps it from burning you and making a mess. So grab up this ashtray and be on the cutting edge of cone smoking! Be sure you grab up a pack of cones too! We like the RAW 1 1/4 Pre-Rolled Cones.

  15. Bakers Bash Tray

    The Bakers Bash Tray is an awesome new product from Bakers. The Bash Tray is machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum which won't melt, burn, crack or warp. The removable bash tool in the middle allows you to easily remove, clean and poke the contents of your ashed pipes, bowls, cigarettes or cigars. The tray comes in black, purple and blue. Also included with each tray is a beautiful padded display box!

  16. Zigiii Smokers Pouch

    The Zigiii Smoker's Pouch is a portable ashtray that is easy to carry and smell-proof!   Put our your cigarette butts in this handy ashtray, seal it up, and put it in your pocket for empyting later!  Once you're done you can wash it out!  Re-usable and easy to clean!  Zigiii is intended to help keep the environment clean of old cigarette butts! 

    How to Use Zigiii:

    • Put lit cigarette into Zigiii pouch (no need to stub it out)
    • Close the Zigiii Pouch and fasten with snap
    • When full, empty and rinse!
  17. Jetlife Ashtray

    Get the official ashtray of Curren$y, the Jetlife Ashtray. Made from durable metal and designed to look like a sleek jet in teal-green, this ashtray is both functional and eye-catching. Measures 7 inches by 5 11/16 inches.

  18. Japanese Smokeless Ashtray - Replacement Filters

    Has your Japanese Smokeless Ashtray stopped cleaning the air as well as it once did?

    These Replacement Filters are made specifically for replacing old worn out filters in your Japanese Smokeless Ashtray. Replaying the filer in your Japanese Smokeless Ashtray will ensure that it’s providing the maximum amount of smoke reduction.

  19. Crystal Skull Ashtray

    These thick crystal ashtrays are shaped like a skull and feature six different designs. There are three indents in the mouth that will allow up to three cigars to be smoked simultaneously. They are made of high quality glass that will not heat up from the cigar.



19 Item(s)