Cigar Splitters

Cigar Splitters are the perfect tool for making a clean cut to open a cigar, cigarillo or cigarette. They are so simple and effective; a perfect product! Priced incredibly cheap, if you like to split open your wraps, these tools are essential for you. They make a great gift for friends!

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  1. Buddy's Folding Scissors

    The Buddy's Folding Scissors are designed for use on the go. They fold into an easy to carry package that can be attached to a keychain. When you need to use them, they unfold into a sturdy, well engineered pair of scissors for cutting almost everything.   


  2. Stainless Steel Double Loop Cigar Cutter

    Portable and easy to use, this cigar cutter will make it easier to enjoy your cigars once you cut the tip with this durable cigar cutter! A cigar cutter is an essential accessory to have on hand for any cigar smoking aficionado. This cutter is a double loop design and made of stainless steel to give you a precise and easy cut every time!
  3. Single Blade Cigar Cutter

    This convenient portable cigar cutter is great for your every day needs. Simply put your cigar tip in the cigar cutter, and the quick single blade cutting action does the rest.

  4. Double Blade Cigar Cutter

    This cigar cutter is simple to use and the double blade action makes cutting the tips of cigars easy and quick.


4 Item(s)