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Electric Tobacco Shredder

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This Electric Tobacco Shredder is perfect for shredding all of your tobacco, or even any legal smoking herbs you might have lying around. This high-powered shredder can handle up to 50g of herbs or tobacco, and you can even blend them together at the same time to create your own custom blend.

Shredded herbs and tobacco make them easier and more consistent to smoke, and will make a difference in the hand rolled smokes you make. Hand grinders can be tiring and can make it hard to grind large quantities at once. The Electric Tobacco Shredder solves both of these dilemmas at once, with its easy to use and automated shredding.

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  1. Good review by Cole on 3/17/2019

    This grinder works awesomely and I was not disappointed in it at all.

  2. LOVE THIS GRINDER!!! review by JML on 1/9/2019

    I gave myself this grinder as a Christmas gift and i will quickly join the other two reviews above. It's the grinder I've been looking for for years! I LOVE IT! It does the job and does it right and saves lots of grinding time. Very impressed~

  3. I FOUND YOU!!! review by Brandi on 8/5/2018

    OK. There is a stage to be set here. We are obsessive people. We strive to get things right. So, we own several of these grinding thingies. The issue is, with standard spice grinders, you get yourself a basic problem.

    If you take, say, a dried sage leaf, and put it in a standard spice grinder, you end up with something that is pulverized. If that same sage leaf is fresh, you end up with something of a sticky blob.

    Those of us old enough, or european enough to remember rolling our own cigarettes, remember fine shag tobacco. That’s the consistency you’re looking for. If you check with my crack research team, The Google, you will see this phenomenon.

    This is what cigarettes used to be made from until they filled them with crap.

    Well, we’ve dealt with many grinders. Electric, manual, or otherwise. Improvised with strainers, food mills (that’s a true story), et cetera. I could never achieve that shred. I tried shredders and lost good pieces of flesh to many a microplane. They don’t work.

    The blade configuration is the same as several other grinders I have used, but, it cannot be what makes the difference...Simply because it’s the same as the others. It may be the shape of the canister. I don’t know. I’m not an engineer. I don’t care.

    What I do know is this actually SHREDS your herbs. Like, really. It works perfectly. I’ve been looking for this thing for the better part of my adult life, which is not an inconsiderable amount of time.

    There is an issue. I am terribly colour-blind. The photos make the thing look black to me. The thing is a scary sort of avocado/lime green. This is a colour-blind person telling you this. It’s pretty harsh.

    Otherwise, just buy it. Sooner, or later, you’re gonna get arthritic from turning that manual grinder.

  4. review by Vanessa on 5/28/2014

    Wonderful, in a couple of short presses, it get the herb nice and ground. Hubby enjoys using it as well. Love shopping form RPD, you have a customer for life. Thank You.

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