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Our collection of stash safes at will definitely keep your stash of papers and tobacco away from anyone who you don't want near it. From the brute safe to the cleverly disguised, if you need a safe to  keep your stash safe, we have it. These safes will keep your stash unnoticed and untouched, making sure you are the only one who has access. Try them today!

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  1. RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

    Each RAW Magnetic Stash Jar is made from plant-based material and has a magnetic bottom for easy attachment to any of your favorite RAW metal rolling trays! Every jar also includes a removable silicone insert that makes clean-up a breeze. These low-profile jars are the perfect pocket-sized companion for the on-the-go smoker! Measures approximately 3" in diameter and 1" deep.
  2. Raw Pre-Roll Wallet

    The Raw Preroll Wallet is a great way to keep your smokes and smoking accessories safe and together. With a fabric-wrapped hard shell and zipper, you never have to worry about losing any of your stuff, plus the elastic bands inside keep things from moving around. Just throw it in your pocket or purse, and go. This case features the Raw logo.

  3. RAW Aluminum Metal Tube

    This aluminum metal tube from RAW is a high-quality solution to keep your goods safe and sound! With a top that screws on and features cork under the cap, this tube won't accidentally pop open and will stay sealed. This tube features the classic red RAW logo printed on it and is a perfect addition to any RAW enthusiast's collection!

  4. RAW Backflip Bamboo Magnetic Rolling Tray

    The RAW Backflip Bamboo Magnetic Rolling Tray is another awesome product from your favorite RYO company. The tray, made of bamboo, features cutouts for your accessories and powerful magnets that keep it closed tight for storing and hold it together when in use! The grinder cutout is 2 1/2" in diameter and will hold any grinder smaller than that. This quality raw tray now comes in the Limited Edition Stripped Bamboo design and is sure to be one of your favorite smoking tools. Get yours today to add to your collection!
  5. Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag

    The Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag is one of the toughest storage bags on the market.  With its UV blocking and puncture resistant material and water tight closure, your tobacco and an herbs will always be safe.  Designed to be the ultimate in odor and barrier protection, the Skunk Sack Odor Free Storage Bag features extra wide triple pressed thick seal and a durable locking zipper that’s three times thicker and softer. Six bags are included in one pack

  6. Raw Metal Tin

    Raw Metal Tins make carrying your smoking essentials easy and stylish. Carry your papers, legal smoking herbs, or tips with you wherever you go! These pocket-sized tins are great storage accessories. The round tin features a pop top, while the rectangular tins have either a sliding top or friction top. Pick yours up today!

  7. Raw Cone Caddy King Size

    The Raw Cone Caddy King Size, with its great design, will keep your cones safe and you looking stylish, It's big enough to easily hold six king size cones or carry a couple of packs of your favorite king size paper, and can be easily be thrown in your bag or pocket without you having to worry about your smokes getting crushed. Made out of durable metal with a snug-fitting lid, this new carrying case is sure to be a hit. The king size tin measures 4.75" L x 1.5" W x 1" H.

  8. Raw Cone Caddy 1 1/4

    The Raw Cone Caddy 1 1/4 is a great way to keep your cones safe. Big enough to easily hold six 1 1/4 cones or carry a couple of packs of your favorite 1 1/4 paper, the Raw Cone Caddy is great to just throw in your bag or pocket. Made out of durable metal with a snug-fitting lid, this new carrying case is sure to be a hit.
  9. Buddies Super Slick Silicone Storage Ball

    The Buddies Super Slick Silicone Storage Ball is made using food-grade silicone. It's designed to be shatterproof, waterproof and airtight! The Super Slick Ball holds up to 5.6ml of herbal extract and is 1.25 inches in diameter. Your product won't stick to the ball itself because of its Super Slick design! Just give the container a squeeze, and you're good to go. Each order comes with 2 of these silicone balls.
  10. Mini Storage Containers

    These Mini Storage Containers are designed to keep your tobacco and herbs fresh and features a hinged lid that only opens with a squeeze of the sides or the lid is pulled open, keeping your smokeables fresh and safe. Great for everyday use or as a pharmacy-style prescription container. A must have for any smoker!

    Several sizes to choose from or get one of each with a full set.

    *colors are generated at random*

  11. Time Capsule Canister

    The Time Capsule Canister are perfect for keeping any of your herbs or tobacco fresh and tasting great. These amazing little jars are inspired by the NASA Biological Research In Canisters, or BRIC4, and their studies into storage containers that can withstand the pressures of space flight. These canisters resist pressurization and are air and water tight. Use space-age technology to keep your herbs fresh and safe!

  12. Laramie Plastic Tough Box

    These attractive lightweight boxes are convenient to carry and can slip in your pocket. Laramie logo displayed on the front of the box for a nice decorative look. Easy removable top lid gives easy access.

    Plastic blue and black cigarette boxes. If purchasing single box, note your choice of color in our comments box.

  13. Raw RYO Box

    This lovely RAW RYO Box is the perfect storage accessory for all your smoking tools and supplies. Each wooden box is fixated with a magnetic lid that allows for secure closure. These boxes are also adjustable and customizable with their included wooden dividers so you can fit all accessories inside with ease of organization! The simple yet elegant wood carvings of these RAW boxes give each container a simple yet elegant feel while also boasting the iconic RAW logo on top!

  14. Raw Wood Box

    The new Raw Wood Box is the best way to keep your Raw products together. With its magnetic divider, you can keep everything in its place. Each side is large enough to either hold several packs of paper, your smokeables, or even a Raw Clipper lighter or RAW 1 1/4 Shred Case. Comes with a latch closure to keep your stuff safe!

  15. Rolling Supreme 110mm Cigarette Case

    Rolling Supreme 110mm Cigarette Case is made with high quality plastic that will protect your cigarettes from being crushed in your pocket. The flip-top opens up with just a press of a button.

    Each Rolling Supreme cigarette case has enough room to hold an entire pack of 110mm cigarettes.

  16. Flip-Top King Size Cigarette Case

    How many times have you reached into your pocket only to find that your cigarettes have been bent, broken, and crushed? With today’s high cigarette prices, the cost of broken cigarettes can add up quickly.

    King Size Flip-Top cigarette cases are designed to hold and protect a full pack of king size cigarettes.

    **Colors generated and shipped at random.

  17. RAW X Rolling Papers Burlap Backpack

    Pack and store your smoking accessories inside one of these RAW X Rolling Papers Burlap Backpacks. Each backpack is smell-proof and is made with a six layer design for added durability and odor blocking! These bags are also equipped with lockable silicone gasketed double-zippers and feature an "Authentic Purest Natural Fibers" patch on the front of the bag. Transport your goods from place-to-place in style and with ease with this RAWesome backpack.
  18. Smokus Focus Stash Jar

    Take your finest legal smoking specimens with you on the go with these ultra durable and high quality Smokus Focus Stash Jars! Each jar is equipped with a bright LED light and a magnification lid so you can admire and inspect your legal blends without opening your container. Each jar is rechargeable so your LED light will last a lifetime! Simply turn the lid once for a seal and click it twice for the LED light. These compact jars measure 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide so it can go with you anywhere! Choose from an array of colors to match your style. Be sure to check out the Smokus Focus Accessories that work with this snazzy stash jar!
  19. Smokus Focus Middleman Type S

    Organize and admire different types of your favorite legal smoking herbs when you utilize one of these awesome Smokus Focus Middleman Type S containers. Each container is equipped with a magnification lid that's armed with a bright LED light which allows you to see and inspect your legal herbs right from inside the jar! Each container measures 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide, so it's just the right size to carry your whole stash. Choose from a black or white container! Be sure to check out all the awesome Smokus Focus Accessories that work with the Middleman Type S Jar!
  20. RAW Stainless Steel King Size Case

    With this case, you can make sure that you keep your king size rolling papers safe and secure! This high-quality case is made of premium stainless steel and will snuggly fit your pack of king size rolling papers so that they do not get damaged. Embossed with the iconic RAW logo, this case also features a button latch so that it only opens when pressed for added security! Truly a perfect addition to a RAW enthusiast's collection to keep things truly RAWthentic.

  21. Laramie Shoots N' Tubes

    Laramie is a well respected and known brand for their empty cigarette tubes, each carton containing 250 empty tubes. The Red Full Flavor Tubes are King Size (84mm) and use a 17mm extra smooth filter giving you a full flavor.  And the Blue Mild Flavor tubes are also 84mm but use a 20mm filter that provides a smooth, mild flavor. These tubes can be used in conjunction with the Laramie shooter provided along with the Laramie Tough Box for storage of your smokes.

    Shooter and Tough Box may vary in color.

  22. NoGoo Honeypot Non-Stick Container

    The NoGoo Honeypot Non-stick Container is a fun shaped container for all your non-stick needs. This honeypot shaped container features a threaded top that ensures lid closure. The container is made of platinum cured silicone that is non-stick which allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out.

  23. Buddies Sifter Box

    The Buddies Sifter Box is a well crafted sifter that you will love once you get it in your hands. It is made with pressed wood panels and features hardwood trim. The top slide out reveals a large storage area with a low micron screen and the bottom slide out is made of tempered glass, making cleanup a breeze!

  24. Lipstick-Shape Pill Box

    The Lipstick-Shape Pill Box is a fun and inventive way to hide what you don’t want found! Keep pills, jewelry, notes, anything you want to keep away from prying eyes, safe and tucked away in this handy safe. Hide in plain sight or in a bag, this is a great little safe for all your stashing needs.


Items 1 to 24 of 102 total

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