Rolling Paper Depot offers a variety of bags to carry your smoking accessories!  Make sure you read the reviews and check out our selection.  Each brand of bag has a different set of features.  

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  1. RPD Drawstring Bag

    Represent! Want to show off your favorite online smoke shop? Bracelets not enough anymore? Well you're in luck! Our Rolling Paper Depot bags will help you tell the world who you choose to buy from. The bag itself is made from natural cotton cloth and has our RPG logo and website printed on the back. Pick yours up today!

    *Actual bag may differ slightly in appearance.

  2. Raw Burlap Bag

    Make your RAWTHENTIC ensemble complete with the brand new Raw Burlap Bag!

    There's no better place to store and carry all your Raw goodies than this all natural Raw Burlap Bag. Just the right size for any Raw fan on the go.

    Now you'll look, feel and be Raw like never before! 


2 Item(s)