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We’re putting some of the most popular grinders to the test, so you can find the best grinder for your needs. This is the Raw Santa Cruz, Phoenician 4 Piece Grinder, Space Case, and Diamond Grind showdown! Up on the block are the Raw Santa Cruz 4-Piece Shredder, Phoenician 4-Piece Grinder, Space Case 4-Piece Titanium and 2-Piece Grinders, and Diamond Grind 4-Part Aluminum Grinder.

We compare the teeth, grip, screens, material, colors available, as well as any additional specs or options that might aid in your decision – See which one you choose after our Showdown of the Grinders!

Raw Shredder
Phoenician 4 Piece Rasta
Space Case Grinder

Grinder Teeth

The Raw Santa Cruz 4-Piece Shredder are said to have had the most advanced teeth in the industry. They have a serrated, inverted rectangular tooth design, so this grinder “cuts like butter, and fluffs to perfection”! Users can’t say enough good things about the Raw Santa Cruz. We've tested the grinder against the others and it's true. This thing is very nice! It cuts and shreds as advertised.

The Phoenician 4-Piece Grinder has diametrically-cut teeth to eliminate friction and give you the best consistency in your grind. The teeth face each other to cut through herbs similar to lawn sheers for ultimate fluffiness, rather than the “mash and tear” technique. Our tests also confirmed that this grinder is legit.

The Space Case 4-Piece Grinder has a pattern in a triangle that, from the center, spreads out to a circle. This allows for the teeth to handle a lot of wear and tear. This is a really good thing if you are a consistent grinder. Made out of titanium, the crisp, durable corners are super ideal for heavy users who like to grind all of their herbs every time. Testing confirms that this grinder, like the others tested, is also very good at its job!

Diamond Grind is a budget grinder, but it performs very well for the price. Diamond Grind 4 Piece Grinder – appropriately – has diamond-shaped teeth, which is how Diamond Grind got their name! Users say the teeth of the grinder are like “tiny swords working simultaneously” to cut through herbs. This comes as a highly recommended grinder for the price, but remember you get what you pay for!

Comparison of the Grinder Grips

The Raw Santa Cruz shredder has a “knurled” grip, which improves hand and finger grip. This makes it easier to turn. If you look at the lid, you’ll notice it is easier to grip and therefore easier to rotate, allowing for less torque needed for each turn.

The Phoenician Grinder has rave reviews for its ability to shred really sticky herbs with sharp teeth placed well to “get the wet out”, if you will. Phoenician grinders have an exterior lobe grip design with multiple grip options and styles and Phoenician offers a rubber "bumper" accessory that helps you hold on to the grinder when grinding. Phoenician grinders are held together with magnets in the center, and the outside is covered with ridges to give it a firm grip when you hold and twist it.

Diamond Grind has grips on the top and bottom to help grind up herbs. This is reviewed well for people with big hands due to the great “grippiness” and good 3-inch or 4-inch (you choose!) diameter.

The Space Case grinder comes with grips on each of the caps, making it easy to screw on and even compress herbs.

Comparison of Grinder Screens

Grinders with larger openings in the screen might fool you with the appearance that they’re letting more herbs filter through it – but this can actually allow for dirt, fertilizer, insect parts (things you don’t want to know about!) travel through the screen. It is important to have a skintight screen that won’t stretch or warp after repeated use. If you notice your screen popping or adjusting – or if herbs are flying out of your grinder or the screen – you’re in trouble and don’t have an optimal screen. Contact us for options.

The Santa Cruz 4-piece shredder uses micron precision in its woven, non-fraying Stainless Steel screen. The screen openings only measure one millionth of a meter. Thus, it claims the most “optimal micron size of any grinder on the market”! Raw Santa Cruz has a skintight drum and screen-capturing design, so your herbs won’t be flying away and it certainly won’t warp.

The Diamond Grind’s sifting screen is made out of Stainless Steel and has a magnet in the center to help seal the top and avoid spillage. It is also removable and thus, replaceable in a pinch. However, finding the replacement screen is a bit difficult.

Space Case 4-Piece Grinders collect the residue that comes through and shoots it to a separate bottom compartment to be accessed when you want it. The screen is designed for optimal performance.

Tip: Keep your screen clean! If you let build-up get out of hand on your screen, pollen from herbs will be unable fall through to the base when you grind. Use an earth-friendly cleaner to keep it in tip-top shape and save money and herbs. Cleaners that are formulated to be less harsh than the competition also ensure that you are not inhaling harmful chemicals when you go to light up.

Materials Used: Scratch Resistant? Eliminate Fingerprints? Cross-Threading?

When comparing grinders, it is important to take into account the overall quality of a grinder’s material – no one wants to run around with a scratched up, old looking grinder. Raw Santa Cruz Shredders are scratch resistant. They are also known for eliminating fingerprints and don’t pose cross-threading problems. We're not trying to convince you to buy this grinder at every turn, but it's a darn good choice!

Phoenician Grinders are made from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum. The Phoenician Elite Series grinders are sourced from a combination of 304 Stainless Steel, 6061 Aerospace Aluminum, and Type II Titanium. It won’t hurt you to give these a try! These babies won’t scratch, show fingerprints, or give you much other trouble. The Phoenician engineers considered every grinder complaint and then obliterated them. And they’re continuing to tweak the design. They are built to last and have a lifetime warranty!

Space Case grinders are also made from aerospace grade aluminum, making them flawless screwing and fitting together. It is lightweight, yet durable.

Bonus Tip:

Phoenician and Space Case grinders come with a LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY… You break it, they replace it! If you have any issues you can contact them for a full replacement, or let us help by contacting us. Pretty dope, yo!

Grinder Color Options

For the fashion conscious shredders out there who are looking to grind in style, colors and appearance are important. Raw Santa Cruz, Phoenician, Diamond Grind, and Space Case all have an array of color choices, so you can match your grinder with the existing accessories in your smoke stash! Luxury smokers will want to pair a Phoenician Large 4-Piece Elite Series Grinder in 24 Karat Gold with some Shine Papers for a truly top shelf smoking experience.

Additional Features

Raw Santa Cruz has a proprietary thread pattern that literally eliminates the tough binding and wear and tear by anodizing the threaded surfaces on parts that screw together. Their “7-Catch Design” lets you connect each part with little effort and coins itself as Number 1 in medical herb grinding because it can handle and fluff the sticky stuff with ease! Raw Santa Cruz 4-Piece grinders are 2” in diameter and stand 2.125” high.

Phoenician 4-Piece Grinders are available in Small, Medium, Large, and the Elite Series. Phoenician grinders are proudly made in the USA, if that is what tickles your fancy of course! They offer a no-threads construction with a patent-pending “Fast Lock System”. Their diametric teeth design is also patent pending. Phoenician Grinder lids can be bought with a built in ashtray/rolling paper dispenser combo… All we ask is, What else do you need?! But if it isn’t your preference, the same grinders can also be ordered in the flat lid style. How’s that for diversifying your portfolio?!

Space Case’s 4-piece grinder is the largest grinder that Rolling Paper Depot carries at three inches in diameter and is outfitted with a storage compartment! The price is something you can’t beat. Depending on which one you order, you can get your very own Space Case grinder for about $40 retail. Now that’s deal!

Diamond Grind grinders are literally made from the solid rods of aircraft grade aluminum. They come with a lifetime guarantee, which promises that each and every grinder sold has a set of rare earth magnets that hold the upper pieces together. Their 4-Piece model comes with a plastic scraper. This new company in the herb grinding business is one to watch! Diamond Grind started in 2014, but doesn’t agree with the old adage ‘the older the better’. They are here to stay and revolutionizing the industry.

Whatever brand you choose and whichever model you go with, let Rolling Paper Depot guide you on your purchase of the best grinder you can imagine. Feel free to check out our entire selection of grinders. Call, email, or chat with us to get a personalized analysis for which product will be best for your grinding needs. They’re all awesome! So grind away and let us know your comments!