Laramie originally began their brand as a cigarette company from the 1930's on to the 1950's. Eventually, they realized the mass market in the RYO (roll your own) community. They began manufacturing cigarette rolling systems for RYO enthusiasts across the states. They also had their own line of rolling papers and cigarette tubes, which are pre-rolled rolling papers. Laramie has become a household name in the rolling community and has been featured in pop culture throughout its existence. From TV shows like The Simpsons to video games, these popular rolling papers will not disappoint. Find out what the hype is today!


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  1. Laramie Plastic Tough Box

    These attractive lightweight boxes are convenient to carry and can slip in your pocket. Laramie logo displayed on the front of the box for a nice decorative look. Easy removable top lid gives easy access.

    Plastic blue and black cigarette boxes. If purchasing single box, note your choice of color in our comments box.

  2. Laramie Shooter - 12 Pack

    The Laramie shooter is great for making your own cigarettes, making it easy to fill your empty cigarette tubes with your own special blend of tobacco and legal herbal filler.

    Works with both short cigarette tubes and king size cigarette tubes. Built with the Laramie legacy of quality and consistency.

  3. Laramie 79mm Rolling Machine

    The Laramie 79mm Rolling Machine is perfect for rolling up to 1 1/4" size rolling papers. The Laramie 79mm Rolling Machine is incredibly easy to use and will leave you with factory quality cigarettes. The rolling apron on this rolling machine is the perfect material for rolling your tobacco tight.

    This roller is made in Indonesia from high-quality acrylic, making them 3x stronger than other rollers that are made from plastic and typically come out of Chinese factories.

  4. Laramie Shoots N' Tubes

    Laramie is a well respected and known brand for their empty cigarette tubes, each carton containing 250 empty tubes. The Red Full Flavor Tubes are King Size (84mm) and use a 17mm extra smooth filter giving you a full flavor.  And the Blue Mild Flavor tubes are also 84mm but use a 20mm filter that provides a smooth, mild flavor. These tubes can be used in conjunction with the Laramie shooter provided along with the Laramie Tough Box for storage of your smokes.

    Shooter and Tough Box may vary in color.

  5. Laramie Pipe

    The Laramie Pipe is a hand-made, natural wooden pipe made from sustainable Brown Knotwood.  It is hand-crafted in the Pearl Valley of Fujian China.  We suggest that you break this pipe in with a bit of honey or pipe sweetener until it becomes seasoned.  Goes great with Raw Pipe Tobacco. 

  6. Laramie Orange 1 1/4 Tub Of 100


    Laramie rolling papers have quickly become a well-know name to smokers “in the know”. When you consider the high quality of these papers and combine it with an affordable price, these rolling papers provide the best value in the Roll-your-own world. 

    If the bright orange colors of this 100 count clear easy-grab bowl don’t get the attention of your customers, the “89¢” price tag will. With a final retail value of $89 and how quick these Laramie orange 1 ¼ slow burning rolling papers sell, you wont be disappointed. 


  7. Laramie Filters - 200 Filters

    These Laramie filters are a great offering from the famous Laramie company. These will fit in any rolling paper and are perfect for making great smokes with. Filters keep the tobacco or legal smoking herbs inside the smoke, and not falling into your mouth.

  8. Laramie Blue Tubes - 84mm

    These Laramie Blue tubes are perfect for filling with your favorite blend of tobacco or legal smoking herb! Fill up these 84mm long cigarette tubes and smoke to your hearts desire. Choose from a single box of 250 tubes or 4 boxes of 250 count.

    These come with a 20mm long filter, 30% longer then most other cigarette tube filters.

  9. Laramie Tubes - 84mm

    These Laramie tubes are an excellent value, 250 of these excellent cigarette tubes come with each box. Simply fill and you're ready to smoke! Choose from a single box of 250 tubes or 4 boxes of 250 count

    Coming in the standard 84mm cigarette length, but also with a nice and long 20mm filter, these cigarette tubes are nice and familiar, with a bit bigger filter then most cigarettes. 

  10. Laramie Shoot-O-Matic

    The Laramie Shoot-O-Matic lets you roll out your own cigarettes with a simple and easy to use machine. These cigarettes are custom made, with your own choice of filler.

    The hand crank is surprisingly easy and smooth, no need to worry about getting tired when you're making a ton of smokes!

    Comes with a 1 year warranty.

  11. Laramie Double Shooter/Injector

    The Laramie Double Shooter/Injector lets you inject your own cigarettes, twice as fast! In a rush to go to a party, a long car ride, a vacation, or an African safari? Use the Laramie Double Shooter / Injector, simply fill up with your favorite tobacco filler, add your cigarette tubes, and make two cigarette tubes in one simple motion!


  12. Laramie Red 1 1/4

    Laramie tobacco products offer some of the best quality and value in the Roll-your-own and Make-your-own world. Laramie papers are carefully crafted to burn slow and evenly, complementing Laramie or Zen tobaccos. Laramie Cigarette tubes use the longest filter element in the industry, yet are comparably priced to tubes that use 35% shorter filters! It’s best to say that smokers “in the know” use Laramie products. This sleeper older brand has again become a household name, thanks to its unrivaled value. 77mm

  13. Laramie Maestro Cigarette Shooter/Injector

    The Laramie Maestro Cigarette Shooter is the easies way to make a perfect cigarette every time. The addition of its handy storage box makes this machine extra sturdy and provides additional gripping surface.

    The convenient storage compartment is an excellent place to store your favorite tobacco, empty tubes, or your completed cigarettes.

  14. Laramie Pre-Rolled Paper Tips

    The Laramie Pre-Rolled Paper Tips come already rolled for you so you save time rolling your smoke. These tips come with approximately 200 pre-rolled tips per bag and are constructed for perfect airflow and great filtration. They come in both regular and slim sizes.

  15. Swan Slimline Filters

    Swan Slimline filter tips are perfect for rolling into your smokes. If you've never used a filter before, then you should definitely buy these and experience the difference that a filter makes. Filters reduce the harshness that some tobacco or legal smoking herbs produce, and gives you a more pleasant smoke.

    These are slimmer then regular filters, so they're perfect for making thinner and tighter smokes.

  16. Laramie Automatic Cigarette Maker

    DISCONTINUED as of 11/8/17  Love cigarette machines but hate the sliding or the cranking? Then get the Laramie Automatic Cigarette Maker. Fill the hopper with your favorite secret blend of tobacco or legal smoking herbs, place your cigarette tube on the end of the machine, and turn it on! You'll get an amazing cigarette in only seconds, no effort required.

    Please note: the Laramie Automatic Cigarette Maker requires AC power from the included adapter.

    Comes with a 1 year warranty.

  17. Laramie Yellow 1 1/4 Slow Burning

    Laramie Yellow 1 1/4 rolling papers are made with the same quality that you've come to expect from Laramie. These papers burn slower then other Laramies and are of medium thickness.

    Originally launched in the 1930's, Laramie has gone through a lot of changes, and now they make cigarette rolling paper. Laramie is among the best valued rolling papers, giving you a high-quality product at a economical price.



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