Phoenician Engineering

Phoenician Engineering manufactures the Phoenician Grinder, the highest quality medical grade grinders on the market today. The innovation, construction and quality of their products are first in class. Engineered with the patient at the forefront, the Phoenician Grinders are innovative in every aspect. The ergonomic lobe grip design increases the comfort on the hands and provides superior grip during use. The teeth are diametrically designed to provide the perfect grind consistency and reduce friction making it easy to use for a patient with weakened hands. The teeth are designed to cut down and through like medical shears resulting in a consistently fluffy mulch. The patent pending thread lock design is the world's first locking notch design. This design technically is not a thread, eliminating cross threading and vastly reducing the residual build up that is common in conventional grinders. The Phoenician Elite Series grinders are domestically sourced, made from either 304 Stainless Steel or Type II Titanium and are DFARS compliant. The Standard Phoenician Series grinders, also DFARS compliant and domestically sourced, are made from 6061-T6 aerospace Aluminum. Both series incorporate a NI-CU-NI coated Neodymium magnet to secure the lid. The N52 rating is the strongest magnet on the market today. All Phoenician Grinders must pass a dimensional inspection; they are machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.0005" for critical functionality features and +/- 0.003" on all other features. Phoenician Engineering grinders are made with the newest technology the industry has to offer. The de-burring process ensures that 100% of the bures are removed and one is never missed. This is achieved by programming tools to specifically remove burs and then performing an AQL inspection. Phoenician Grinders have an extremely fine anodized surface finish that is offered in a wide variety of eye catching colors. Phoenician Engineering manufactures both two piece and four piece grinders to best meet the needs of the end user. Phoenician Grinders are available in small, medium and large sizes. The large four piece Phoenician Grinder comes with two options for the lid. The first option is the standard flat lid model. The other option has a lid with a built in paper holder and ashtray. Phoenician grinders are medically sanitized and come in a sealed pouch. Phoenician Grinders set a new standard for grinders and are made with pride in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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