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Rolling Supreme is a leader in high quality rolling and stoage containers for the roll your own enthusiast. If you're looking for the best in smoking accessories, trust the brand and the products for quality and durability.


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  1. Rolling Supreme Large Rolling Box

    The Rolling Supreme Large Rolling Box is the biggest and baddest of the rolling boxes from Rolling Supreme. Plenty of room is provided in this smoothly finished wooden box, sizing in at 5.75" x 6.5". Store all your goods in one convenient place. This box has room for lighters, grinders, cigar wraps, rolling papers and more! Never be unprepared again! The large box has 5 compartments, including the hiddent compartment underneath the removable v-block rolling tray.

  2. Rolling Supreme 110mm Cigarette Case

    Rolling Supreme 110mm Cigarette Case is made with high quality plastic that will protect your cigarettes from being crushed in your pocket. The flip-top opens up with just a press of a button.

    Each Rolling Supreme cigarette case has enough room to hold an entire pack of 110mm cigarettes.

  3. Rolling Supreme Logo Tee

    No wardrobe is complete without a tee that showcases your awesome choice in smoking accessories. These Rolling Supreme White Logo Tees sport the iconic Rolling Supreme logo on the front along with other, well know rolling paper brands on the back. RAW, Elements and Juicy Jay's logos are just some of the brands you rep with this spiffy new shirt from Rolling Supreme!
  4. Rolling Supreme Flat Bill Hat

    Add a bit of style to your wardrobe with these Rolling Supreme Black Flat Bill Hats. Each snapback sports the Rolling Supreme logo patch on the front and is accessorized with a cooling mesh back! The adjustable size band makes sure your snazzy new hat will fit perfectly, so grab up this stylish accessory and start your summer off right!
  5. Rolling Supreme Small Rolling Box

    The Rolling Supreme Small Rolling Box is the perfect size for those who need to take their rolling box on the go. Sitting at only 2"x5.75", this nicely finished wooden rolling box has two empty compartments, as well as a v-block that greatly assists in rolling your own cigarettes or cigars. Unlike the other sizes, the v-block is attached to the rolling box. This box is perfect for storing your papers and lighters!

  6. Rolling Supreme Medium Rolling Box

    The Rolling Supreme Medium Rolling Box is the next size up in the line of rolling boxes from Rolling Supreme. This 3.25" x 6" wooden rolling box features three compartments, including the hidden compartment underneath the removable v-block. With all the rolling boxes from RS, you get an incredibly handy "v-block" that removes from the box and allows you to roll your own cigarettes or cigars with ease. Easily fit multiple packs of papers and lighters in this amazing box!

  7. Rolling Card Credit Card Rolling Papers 1 1/4

    Rolling Card rolling papers should have been invented a long time ago! Made in the shape and size of a regular credit card, these rolling paper packs fit PERFECTLY in your wallet. No more pulling out obvious rolling paper packs or having problems crushing your rolling papers.

    The actual rolling papers are 78mm long and are made from rice.

  8. Urban Wraps Covert Kit

    The Urban Wraps Covert Kit is your standard issue smoking kit for those of you that want to stay below the radar. These Urban Wraps are the perfect paper to keep your smoking discreet and covert. The Urban Wraps 1 1/2 papers hold 50% more material than a regular 1 1/4 paper. So you can roll these bad boys fat. These rolling papers are perfectly camouflaged to look like a standard cigarette, so we are throwing in some Elements Pre-Rolled Tips, and Elements 79mm Rolling machine to help you get that perfect rolled look. We also provide you with a hard plastic Flip-Top Cigarette case to store and protect your pre-rolled "cigarettes." Just in case you lost your last lighter at the last party you attended we include a Elements Clipper lighter. Try not to lose this one you can refill this clipper, and you also have a built-in poker.

  9. Rolling Supreme King Size Cigarette Case

    The Rolling Supreme King Size Cigarette Case is made for 85 mm cigarettes and will hold an entire 20 ct pack.  It has a flip-top that opens with the press of a button.   These are high-quality cases made of plastic.  They are light-weight and strong.



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