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Clipper Electric Eco-Lighter

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The Clipper Electric Eco-Lighter is an eco-friendly lighter with a heating element instead of a flame.   This lighter has a wind guard and a recessed heating cone that makes lighting your smokes easy and eco-friendly. The best part is this lighter doesn't need butane.  Instead, it uses the USB charger to charge up and lasts about 5 days,  even with heavy use.  The lighter also comes with a handy little poker/packing tool that stores away in the lighter!  

The Clipper Electric Eco-Lighter comes with a carrying case and instructions.

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  1. review by Steve Q on 8/9/2015

    I tried using a Vaporizer, but it Killed my throat. I was coughing all day after using it. So I started smoking my Medical herbs, which I was not too thrilled about. To try to be as Healty as possible, I wanted to try this electric lighter to keep from inhaling Butane while lighting up, especially relighting. This lighter is Perfect. Instead of burning the underside of your cig, you point the open end directly at you and place the tip into the recessed coil which is great for lighting outside in the wind. Had for a few days now and have not had to recharged yet.

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