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Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cones - Pimperschnapps 2X

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These Clear Cyclones are the newest addition to flavored cones. Made using natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these cones are completely transparent. Don’t confuse these with rolling papers or cigarette tubes, these provide a smoking experience more like smoking a pipe. With their much slower and even burn, these make the perfect cones for your favorite smoking medium.

Like other Cyclones, these use Cyclones Triple-Dip flavor system to ensure you get the most mouth-watering flavor. The unique flavor of Pimperschnapps can only be described as a peach flavored with mint.

These Cyclones include printed tips that you can see through the clear cone. Do not use these flavored cones with cigarette tobacco, they burn far too slow.
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  1. Good cones from cyclones review by William on 11/23/2018

    Good cone as always. Nice sweet peach flavor but the most flavorful of the clear cones from cyclones. I really like the flavor & the burn. There best I think on flavor appeal.

  2. review by Casey on 12/6/2017

    I've never smoked Clear Cones up until a few days ago. I smoked these and at first i skeptical like they're made out of a plastic material, How would i pack it, As soon as i lit it it gave off that plastic burning sensation. If you read this don't worry about any of the above things i said. These are almost perfection in a tube. 2 come in a single pack and they taste amazing. From first touch to smell to smoking. They are perfect. Packing is easy just dribble some bud or your preferred herbs into the cone and pack it down with the provided scented/flavored stick(Yes i licked it). once done twist the end off like a regular smoke and light. Simple as that. Perfect. Honestly i was scared when i lit it but halfway through i had another ready to go. it's that good. I may not smoke regular papers or blunts again.

  3. review by Ricochet on 6/1/2015

    There's something really weird about clear cones but I like them and these pimpersnaps ones taste wicked, there is a gelatine smell to them when there burnt but that's mainly the fruity flavours burning so don't worry it doesn't taste like it. I do like the thickness a lot of clear cones are to thin but cyclones are just right for me. I roughly grind my filling material so a random spike can be found poking out of thinner foils

  4. review by Jocelyn on 12/30/2013

    I've extensively used every flavor of the clear cyclone line and enjoy the Pimperschnapps. It's a lot like the Peach flavor they used to carry. I felt compelled to say something because the only other review about them here is negative. I ordered one to test it out, liked it, and now am about to buy a full box. If you're a fan of the cyclone blunts, give it a try.

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