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Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Sampler

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At, our staff has extensive knowledge on  our products. We test and review as well as research other consumer's opinions in order to bring you the best products on the market. These clear cones are pre-rolled and deliciously flavored. They are different than any other type of rolling paper; these Cyclones utilize a natural cellulose fiber that is safe to smoke. As a result, you get a smooth, even-burning smoke that is extremely slow. Find your favorite so you can buy in bulk and save a ton of money

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Grape 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Pimperschnaaps 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Chill Blue 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Chill Red 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Blueberry 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Ice Dream 2X*

1 x Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cigar Tube - Unflavored 2X*

*2X means that each tube has two wraps.

Though it is rare, we occasionally run out of some of our more popular products. In the event that this happens, we will substitute any missing flavors with those we have in stock.

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  1. review by BLUGYPSY on 3/6/2018

    Ordered these for me and the hubs and we just love them all! Thanks for an awesome intro!

  2. review by Cat on 12/26/2017

    I loved these. They burn a lil harsh but still great and the clear cone is AESTHETIC asf against the legal smoking herbs. i Fill it, looks so pretty.

  3. review by Meg on 3/2/2014

    The cones smell like the flavor and even taste like it when you touch to cones to your lips. But it does not over power the herbs inside. Harsher than a RAW paper, but fun if you have never had them before.

  4. review by RRD on 12/29/2013

    Tried these because they were recommended. They are ok but not for me as the wrap burns to strong and causes my throat to be sore. My friends like it so I'm they odd man out on this one.

  5. review by Alicia on 7/15/2013

    I Love Love Love Theze Clear Cones... Will Be Ordering More Very Soon!

  6. review by Xzana on 4/11/2013

    good product, right size and right price. convenient and with to use these cones. makes prepping my materials easier and available to enjoy sooner. .. no more waiting on wraps to dry. just pack and light.

  7. review by Precious on 8/9/2012

    The flavors are great and its a good buy. Its a good way to try different flavors to find your favs.

  8. review by Maribel on 7/15/2012

    Just great! No more rolling and great flavors!

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