Frequently Asked Questions

When will (fill in the blank) be back in stock?

Unfortunatley, we have no way of knowing when products that are out of stock will be back in stock. If you see something that is out of stock on our website, feel free to ask about it. So we’ve told you that it is still indeed out of stock and we’re not sure when we will get more…now what? Just sign up to be notified by email when a product is back in stock on the specific item page. If you do this, you’ll get that wonderful email letting you know you can buy that awesome product before everyone else knows it’s back.

How many packs come in a box?

packs in a box example

Wondering if you need a full box? Just follow the instructions below to get that and tons of other awesome information.

  • Go to the product page of the product you want to know about
  • Scroll down past the CUSTOMERS ALSO PURCHASED section
  • Click on ADDITIONAL
  • Read additional information like “Packs in Box”, “Qty in Pack”, and “Size”
  • Purchase exactly what you need…and maybe a little that you want
  • Drop Mic

Need a little inspiration? Check out our most popular products!

How do I get my free tray?

You will need to follow the steps that are given to you via email. Please contact us if you didn’t receive the email after 10 minutes (don’t forget to check your spam folder). Here’s a hint if you’re having trouble with the code…you need to spend $35 or more (not including shipping cost) for the free tray code to work. Once the free tray code is entered successfully it will take one penny off of your order and the free tray will automatically be added to your order.

Do you have any discount codes?

We decided that we didn’t want our customers to have to hunt down discount codes to get a great deal so we lowered our prices and stopped using discount codes. We do often put items on sale or run other types of specials. If you want to know about all of those smoking deals, just subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll never miss out again!

Why do we need to order a minium of $25?

“In an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Rolling Paper Depot has a minimum order of $25. This will allow us to use less paper, boxes, packing materials, and delivery truck fuel, which will reduce our carbon footprint. You can get more information on our Going Green Blog.

What credit cards do you take?

We accept all major credit cards as long as they are from the U.S. or Canada. At this time, we do not accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Monopoly Money, Garage Sale Items, Couches, Volkswagens, or any other farout thing you may wish to trade for awesome products.

RPD is proud to Offer ViaBill

ViaBill is a payment solution that gives shoppers the opportunity to buy now and pay later in easy equal monthly installments, interest-free.
  • This will not affect your credit score. ViaBill does not perform hard pull credit checks or report to US credit report agencies.
  • Instant decision from ViaBill upon checkout.
  • ViaBill charges no interest or mandatory fees.
At the time of purchase you will be charged 25% of your total purchase on your card and you pay us the rest later, in 25% increments every month until your bill is paid in full.
Rolling Paper Depot does not make approval decisions. If you have any questions, including approval and credit amount status, please check out ViaBill’s FAQ page.

What does AVS mismatch/rejected mean?

AVS mismatch/rejected simply means that the billing address that is entered does not match the address on file with the card being used. We recommend checking the address on your bank/card account or calling your bank to make sure that you are entering the correct billing address for the card you are using.

Where do you ship to?

At this time we only ship to the United States. We do plan on adding more countries to the list in the future. Keep checking back!

How long does it take to ship?

We usually ship packages out within 3-5 business days from when they are ordered. Once USPS or FedEx has the package it usually takes 3 to 5 business days to be delivered. Need more info? Check out our shipping policy.

Why hasn’t my order been shipped yet?

We usually ship packages out the following buisness day from when they are ordered. That means that if you order your package on Friday then it won’t ship out until Monday. If you have not received an email saying that your package has been shipped the following business day from when you ordered, please check the email address on your order to make sure it’s correct and your spam folder to see if we emailed you about something on your order (address check or out of stock item purchased) and need a response before we can ship out your package. Please also note that USPS and FedEx are closed on some holidays and we are not able to ship on those days.

How can I track my package?

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order is shipped. Please be sure to check spam/junk folders as our emails sometimes get stuck there.

My tracking number says it hasn’t shipped yet?

Many times, it takes USPS up to 3 business days to scan the packages. When this happens, the tracking number will say that the package is in pre-shipment and still at our facility. This usually just means that USPS hasn’t scanned it yet or their system hasn’t updated. It will often take 24-48 hours to see updates once scanned. USPS requires us to wait 10 business days before they can determine it’s lost and send a replacement package.

Do I have to sign for my package?

We require signatures on orders $100 or more as well as on all FedEx 2-Day and Overnight shipments. Also, just a heads up, there is no way for us to take off the signature requirment or change the shipping address once the package has been shipped. Can’t be there to sign? Talk to your local FedEx and USPS to ask them if there are pickup options available. Most areas will allow you to arrange to pick it up from their office at no extra charge.

Can I get my package to ship faster?

At this time we only offer standard shipping because of trouble with our website charging the correct expidited shipping costs. We’re working on it so stay tuned and hopefully we will get it fixed soon.

My package says it is delivered but I didn’t receive it what do I do?

“Don’t panic! Relax and take a breath. This to shall pass. If you see the mail man and you have a dog, sick the dog on him! We’re just kidding, please don’t use your dog as a weapon. Your first plan of attack is to check with your neighbors, building managers, and other folks in the vicinity to see if they may have picked up the package. If the shipping address that you provided is accurate and you’re not able to hunt down the package, you should first try talking to your local post office to see if they might have it. Sometimes packages accidentally get marked as “”Delivered”” up to 36 hours before the actual delivery even though they are waiting at the post office. If you still can’t track down the package, you will need to file a missing package claim and supply us with the claim number so we can send you a replacement package:”

My product arrived broken, what do I do?

This is never fun. Good news is that as long as you take a picture of the unused product and email it to us within 2 days of when it was delivered we will send out a replacement ASAP!

I am missing product, what do I do?

Please double and triple check, sometimes we pack things inside containers or stash boxes that were also purchased. If you are sure that the product that you ordered is not in your package, please gather everything together that you purchased with the packing slip and take a picture. Then email the picture to us and explain what is missing.