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RPD's Holiday Gift Guide - 2018

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RPD is your holiday hub for all of the smokers in your life. We know that this time of year can be hectic so we took all of our favorite things and put them into gift bundles to help make your Christmas shopping as easy as pie. Choose a bundle to gift, or pick and choose products a la carte style to make all of your smoker buddies as happy as Santa himself.

RAW Stocking Stuffer

Raw Stocking Bundle

The RAW stocking is a fan favorite because of the neat accessories that every roll-your-own smoker will want. For this RAW Holiday Stocking Bundle, we jam packed the 18" all natural hemp stocking with tons of goodies like the pocket ashtray for your on-the-go smoke sessions, the classic cork clipper lighter, a king size tin paper case, pre-rolled tips, a small rolling tray, hemp wick, and enough rolling papers to get you through the holidays with your family.

Ladies Who Smoke

Ladies That Smoke Bundle

We all have a special lady in our lives, as either a best friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, or maybe even yourself! That’s why we created a kick-ass bundle with the lady smoker in mind. This bundle features everything a seasoned smoker will need, but with a more feminine touch. The Ladies That Smoke gift pack has it all: from hemp wick to flavored papers and wraps, an on-the-go grinder that also stores your herbs, a full metal rainbow Clipper lighter, plus more smoking accessories that she’ll love. The ladies in your life who smoke will go bananas over this bundle.

RAW Novelty Bundle

RAW Novelty Bundle

This bundle is for the RAWlifers. It has novelty items that you won’t usually find at your run-of-the-mill smoke shop, like the RAW poker shoelaces and RAW socks. Plus some old favorites from the daily rotation like classic rolling papers, the cork lighter, an aluminum metal tube, and a rolling paper tin to keep your papers nice and pristine. Get your RAW collection started (or finished) with this RAW Novelty Bundle today!

Dog Lover’s Day Out

Dog's Day Out Bundle

Don’t forget Spot’s present! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Festivus, we can all agree that our furry friends deserve some holiday love, too. That’s why we created a gift bundle with you and your furry friend in mind. The Dog Lover's Day Out Bundle features everything that you and your fluffy sidekick will need for a day at the park. You’ll get a RAW pet shirt with a matching hemp collar, a RAW cone dog toy, a frisbee, and a couple pre-rolled cones for you as well.

Santa and his elves will have nothing on you this Christmas when your friends and family see these gift bundles under the tree! Make RPD your holiday hub, and it'll be easy to make all of your smoker friends merry and bright by giving them the gift of lighting one up. These unique and practical gift bundles will be a hit with everyone on your Christmas list this year!

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